Blazer Burger started in 1976 and was owned by the Ball Family. One year later they sold it to Dean & Janet Shaw who owned and ran it for 30+ years. When the Shaw's decided to retire & move to Arizona they sold it to the current owners Wally & Dawn Borth who have owned it since November 2011.

Blazer's Restaurant is the oldest restaurant still in business in Gardner, Kansas. It is a Gardner Icon to many people.

Blazer's was named after the High School mascot the Trailblazers. Blazer's was built around having a good ole fashioned hamburger. Which is still going strong today.

Blazer's is dedicated to having fresh delicious food. We added fresh smoked bbq meats in 2012 to the menu with our own homemade bbq sauce. Also added was hand dipped ice cream to go along with the soft serve ice cream they sold. 

Blazer's Restaurant also does Catering from 50 people to 500 people. With everything from buffets serving BBQ, Mexican, Breakfast, Soup/Salad/Potato Bar and more. 

Blazer's is one of the towns biggest supporters. We contribute or donate to hundreds of charities, schools, individuals, etc. We have always believed "You have to take care of those that take care of you". We can't begin to thank all our customers enough for their business through the years. It is greatly appreciated.

Blazer's wouldn't be there without all of you.


Thank you,
Wally & Dawn Borth